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XTOOL D1 Laser Rotary Selector Switch (Upgraded for D1 Orig and D1 Pro)

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This selector switch lets you choose from 2 rotaries connected to your XTOOL D1 laser so you can keep the old rotary connected for the rollers and connect the RA2 Pro for the Chuck.  Has 4 connectors, 2 for rotary accessories, 1 for the "Y" axis and 1 to connect to the mother board where the "Y" access was connected.

IMPORTANT: All switches will now include the 'Y" stepper cable so if you order now for your Original D1 and upgrade to the D1 Pro later, the switch will be compatible. 

Michael Wheatley
Allows me to keep the wiring to the Y-Axis in place when using the rotary or the bed of the laser. Also if I purchase another rotary tool. I can leave them both plugged in.
Great product!! Thank you.
Art Bowhall
Allows for all rotary devices to remain plugged in, reduces the chance of wire breaking
Haven’t found any
Great item, fast shipping, best customer service response I’ve seen in a long time! Retired vet here as well, honor to do business with vet owned business
Administrator reply
Thank you for your review, it's greatly appreciated!